Never Alone: Ki Edition

Overall, Ki Edition will own the content and gameplay similar to other versions of Never Alone. However, this Mobile version of the breakthrough thanks to offering a new touch controls, the new hint mechanism, and the graphic system has been optimised to especially for mobile devices. You can read track in short Trailer below. Earn to die 5

Ki Edition
After the release, Never Alone received much praise for his description of a true, gentle folk culture indigenous to Alaska. Even the game also received the cooperation with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, representatives of the indigenous groups living in the urban areas of Alaska and is also the owner of the Upper One Games. Earn to die 6

Ki Edition-1
Never Alone was also praised for beautiful graphics system and have depth, but the real highlight of the main game is unique puzzle gameplay mainstreamed in context and special image.Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions guest tactical style, the style of this game probably already too familiar and flooded the market with mobile gaming. But Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions back to you buy with the $ 15.99 price over all. With the tradition of producing these titles bring depth of story, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is not exception of Square Enix. With the context of the game is a complex, contradictory stories about politics and probably inevitable will lead to war. Earn to die 5

The War of the Lions
How to play the game like the game as other tactical thinking, turn to your army won the battle. You do not need to take more time to get familiar with the game, however, with more than 20 different character classes and some extra character class, i.e. you’ll have an endless selection of different formations. It is also the key features of the game. Earn to die 6

The War of the Lions-1
The graphics of the game like the old animated footage, is shaped like the character from the cute hand drawn. The sound system is the soul of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, in addition to the system of music match game, the captions, comments in English are also very emotional and eat with the context. Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus

According to new information received, online game Dragon Ultra hot Riders of Icarus has officially entered the closed beta phase 3 times and also the last. This test batch is known will half to early July and officially open beta on November 6/7. Earn to die 5


Riders of Icarus was released as a free hour play, the gamers put money buy founder pack will get the relative advantage of beauty furniture as well as a number of powerful equipment.It is known that during this test, the Riders of Icarus will run in parallel on both the control mode non-target action and target usually, gamers can switch easily to fit each case as well as class I liked to play. Earn to die 6


Riders of Icarus is like a combination of riding Dragon, impressive role-playing, combat high paced, with the ability to customize the character downright liberal. The main task of the player is to go explore vast virtual world immensely and the search, collect wild animals with the intent to tame them, turning them into his riding animal with very special abilities.


In Riders of Icarus, gamers will go catch the legendary animal types capable of flying such as unicorns, winged horses, giant birds … and especially the ultra cool Dragon with the ability to fire beams, beams, sprays. The fight took place both on the ground and on the air, offering the utmost enjoyment for players.When a person has become tame legends, gamers will combine with the partner to progress to the more distant targets, engaging in the fight no mercy from heaven down on the ground, facing the giant boss has power … by the combined blow of special attack. Arena of Fate

Arena of Fate

As we all know, online game categories very attractive new MOBA is the Arena of Fate has officially opened extensively to test the ability of the server load from on May 31.
In fact, the Arena of Fate bring multiple characteristics quite similar to Legendary Union, when playing the map design, and especially the General design has many points of coincidence. Besides, the mechanism of control of the Arena of Fate with the third fixed angle from above also have many similarities. Earn to die

Arena of Fate
The matches in the Arena of Fate is still divided with map-5vs5 3 lane familiar. The lane has links with each other in between, besides the appearance that the destruction of the forest creeps, players will get more strength buff.
In the game, the player’s mission is still trying to last hit creeps, kill enemy generals, zapping Tower to earn Gold and especially up level, skill points. The end points helps players get creep more money than gold.

Arena of Fate-1
For example, typically, the player will get about 25-50 Gold for a creep but if not, they will still get about 5 Gold with each note creeps were destroyed on the side. A point deducted in the Arena of Fate is the match time limit in just 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if you have not been able to destroy the opponent’s main home to finish the match, then the results will be based on the ratio of the net and the Tower which they beat.Mechcom 2

Mechcom 2

Mechcom 2 puts players on a map of freedom, including the mining, construction, development and attack at the same time at the same time, Mechcom 2 under hand Game Dev Team expected to make up a whole new experience on the Mobile. Earn to die

Mechcom 2 take gamers to bring science fiction context somewhat slightly hướm StarCraft, where gamers will come to the planet carries the name Tiberius is rich in minerals. As owner of the rich resources that it become the battlefield of fighting between the Galactic venture-capital group is the organization that owns the power far beyond both Governments. Standing on the shoulder of a military commander for the group, will head the mission win Tiberius on his hands.

The style of gameplay Mechcom 2 go in the direction of a RTS title-Real-time Strategy, or real time strategy game. Beginning stages, you will be granted to those basic elements as the main house, a few essential works and on top of that is the exploitation of resources that we still often called the “farmer” is fun. The unit will be responsible for collecting minerals from all over the map, play the role of main resources to develop your works and future army. Echo of Eternity

Echo of Eternity

Echo of Eternity is a mobile game 3D MMORPG virtual ghost themes have been released by 9game. Games built a Western world view, graphic design style with diverse characters and system, putting the player explore rich gameplay and system interesting, make sure to experience on the mobile platform as a traditional PC. Earn to die

Advanced graphics with modern Japanese design-welding is a superior easy to see in this product compared to traditional Chinese products. With modern 3D technology, each model in the game are created very sharp, bright colors and brilliant relative, but not flashy red too much, rather it is the bright tones more pleasant, help players have good visual experience without being boring. The Western world view of the game was very vivid expression, beautiful, magnificent and mysterious thing how is hidden.

On the character designs, the game has put out 4 layers main occupation to players selected include Soldiers, Sending player, Magi, and pastor. Each occupation is representing a race with shaping the look good fighting skills, very characteristic. However to fit the guest mechanism according to the weekly, the game has put out more than 20 other hero to acquire players, each hero has a unique skill and occupation are different, discover the best of each hero brings the high combat effectiveness, and coordinate proper heroes will help players to conquer all difficulties. This can also be considered a point of storage top animal when Echo of Eternity

The game retains the essence of the genre point hit the traditional turn-based, but have the arranger necessary to suit the new trends of mobile gaming, popular offensive skills will also observe all the auto format is need to manually launch, making the process of fighting takes place quickly, more simple yet beautiful enough. Although fighting has a simple, but not easy to mature, by all observe of character oriented and caused enough effective forms such as cut, control, focus …, the decision to likely winning high. Besides that, the game has taken on similar elements system, allowing the player to arbitrarily change the 4 elemental form makes the combat experience become more attractive.

In addition to extra system a main plot, the games have brought out extra forms a challenging team nest requests, help high-social interaction between the community of players. In addition, the game features several gameplay content storage more interesting as building his own territory, Fortify defensive or attacking other players. In later stages, players can join the society and attend large scale activities, with friends around the hand built a strong community in the virtual world. BADLAND 2



Stories in Badland 2 still takes place in a land filled with spooky dead. The task of the player is touch the screen to move a flying creature looks spiffy on the right side of the screen, just a few seconds delay is this creature might be stuck in a certain position the left side and the journey will end. Earn to die


Compared to the original, it in section 2 of this player can completely control himself other strange creatures flying in all directions the system new touch controls. Therefore, players only need to touch the screen as long as the creature will be able to fly higher and move more gently. In your game screen, you can mirror other bizarre creatures, make it larger or smaller and other transformed countless ways to suit each game screen.


The release adds that, Badland 2 also improved and integrated add some interesting features, such as support typically optimized for 3D capabilities on the iPhone touch and iPhone 6s Plus 6s. This brings great experience when controlled characters more precision when flying.There’s also additional factors other novelties in Badland 2 as the appearance of obstacles, equipped as liquids, flamethrowers, ice, lava, water and weak glimmer. In Part 2, image and game effects have been modified somewhat “delicious” than the original but still not too focused Frogmind or put heavy on graphics matter much.


Mode PvP in Badland 2 allows up to 4 people to play on one device with multiple monitors exciting challenge. This player mode of the game do not have any specific rules, the player’s mission was moved so that pushes the enemy into deadly traps in the game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas