Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is one of the titles developed by Shu Takumi-the father of famous Ace Attorney series. This mobile game originally designed for Nintendo DS and released Japanese version on 19/06/2010 and the English Edition 11/01/2011. Earn to die


Join the game, the player assumes the role of a ghost Sissel. After the discovery of the body of myself is in there with a lot of mystery, he decided together his companion is also the only known witness of his death-detectives Lynne in journey search again body parts and raw gaming his death before the soul he vanish at dawn.


This is the category of the game that you just use to deduce judgements, just requires the precision of the time. 3D 2D platform game, so the game’s setting is very elaborate meticulously. What about Sonic thah, although not too special and the height but the background music in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has many different speeding, principally to bring still looks sad man marks of this title.

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Bless the game online is super expensive investment in Korea, consuming up to 56 million dollars in 7 years of development. With stunning graphics platform based on the Unreal Engine 3, the design of buildings, structures, fortresses in the game are very realistic representations. World in the game is also built in an open way with huge positive side. According to interviews with the NPH Neowiz, the world in the next game … 177 Km2 wide, wide world of Azeroth in World of Warcraft. earn to die


A special highlight of Bless Online is the game mode into battle, where the Congress allowed states are free to occupy the land, named King in the game. Each owns 7 powers are separate stronghold, and will only 7 strongest possible guild master of this citadel. This can be considered as one of the most exciting parts of the game Bless Online, as on every week, the other guilds can challenge, allied together to retake the citadel challenge.


Bless focus heavily on PvP aspects (commonly known as Realm vs Realm), with two new classes, the battle will be very difficult now to predict and brought many new flavors for gamers to enjoy. The rewards for participating players as well as football single game team, the state tournament will be extremely valuable as well. League of Angels II



League of Angels II

As we all know, the current Web-based online game gentle but extremely appealing League of Angels II open beta open to welcome players into the game. There are many who believe that a browser game is nothing remarkable, but after watching the clip below gameplay, gamers will definitely not little to change the view. earntodieplay

According to many gamers who played League of Angels second, this is indeed a positive or browser game with many creative elements and graphics in terms of gameplay. Also a big plus point of this game is that players do not spend money to play for free can still compete with everyone. Mechanical Commando

If you do not already know, the League of Angels II which was developed from version continuation League of Angels earned quite a lot of success on the web game market. In Part 2, webgame that will give the gaming community a beautiful 3D graphics than the old section, with manipulation and character movements more impressive han.uoi, only slightly restricted stamina point .

Gamers will have the option of developing the character class is very rich in the process of conquering the League of Angels II. Along with that is the multiplayer mode dungeons, hunt for terror boss, of course indispensable PvP players can work very comfortably and freely.

Mechanical Commando

Mechanical Commando is an intense, highly-challenging, reactions and shooting-based action game for older kids and teens where you must guide a giant robotic commando (a mech) through a series of long-haul, ground-force combat levels. With the ultimate goal of defeating the ‘boss’ character and then escaping each level before the time runs out, you must use fast keyboard control, accurate mouse-clicking and smart ammunition selection skills to eliminate enemies, and avoid counter fire. There is definitely no room for error in this high-intensity futuristic battle! Earn to die


Reasons to play this addicting, mech shooter game: Stimulate and exercise your reaction speed, finger dexterity and coordination, observation skills and good strategy application as you dodge and weave through scores of enemy soldiers and similar mechanical commandos to yourself. The Onomastica

Best strategy to win: Keep a cool head! Each level is quite long compared to many battle adventure challenges, so take your time in searching for the big boss. Barreling around the battlefield with no strategic nous is a sure-fire way to get your mech into deep trouble! Instead, you need be more purposeful, direct and swift in your movements. Enter an area full of enemies, give them a rapid burst of missile fire, and then retreat or move to the side as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for valuable power-ups and health packs too – they could be vital to your mission!


The Onomastica

The Onomastica is a very interesting platform adventure running game with a cool, linguistics twist. Playing the role of an acrobatic running and jumping character, you must leap across platforms and ledges made up of different words and letters. These interchangeable block words and letter fragments can be pushed together and manipulated to form new words which alter the game environment in a really clever way. For example – you might have to push the letters E-R toward the end of L-A-D-D – and suddenly, the completed word transforms into a LADDER that you can climb to get to the next ledge! earn to die


Reasons to play this challenging thinking game: Fans of quirky, alternative, highly interactive and thought-provoking puzzle games and brain teasers are in for a treat! Exercise your logical and analytical thinking skills, problem solving stamina levels, and your vocabulary range as you attempt to create solutions with the available letters. Stimulate your observation and reaction skills too – Amid the fun word-play, you still have to run and jump tactfully and accurately. Skywire 2


Best strategy to win: You need to tap into your ability to ‘think outside of the box’, and rely on your puzzle-busting determination to go deep into this creative and difficult Flash-based game. Sharp keyboard skills are also important as you attempt to join separate words and letter groupings together! Enjoy the fun word-play action!

Educational note: The name of the game ‘Onomastica’, comes from the Greek term ‘onomastics’ which is a branch of linguistic study that focuses on names and people.

Skywire 2

Carefully control a fast-paced cable car through wacky obstacle courses and bring your passengers safely to their destinations! Skywire 2 is a challenging, multi-level, reflexes and timing skills-based game with 1 and 2 player modes where you must guide a sky-high cable car along a wild, hindrance-filled rail track while safely keeping at least one passenger on board until you reach the finish line. Play as a solo cable car operator, or race against a friend / family member in an action-packed, 2-player race mode! earn to die

Skywire -2

Reasons to play this cool & quirky arcade game: Perhaps think of this fun game as a more structured and motor-driven rollercoaster-like game where you can test and exercise your hand-eye coordination skills, focus, keyboard control, reaction speed and finger dexterity, timing skills and stamina as you try to zip the cable car along toward the finish.

Strategy to win: Although finishing the level quickly is advantageous, you must be careful and methodical in your movements. Sometimes you might have to slow down completely or even reverse a bit in order to avoid obstacles. Remember, your priority is to protect the people on board! Stranger of Sword City

Skywire 2-1

Stranger of Sword City

Stranger of SworOutsider art
Stranger of Sword City does a great job of living up to its name. Trapped in a weird, rather haunting fantasy world, you’re constantly made to feel like an outsider – someone that’s stumbled into a series of events that they can’t quite comprehend. This is a dungeon crawler with an atmospheric edge, and although it doesn’t do a great deal to differentiate its gameplay from other titles in the genre, it’s a refined experience that role-playing game fans may get a lot of mileage from.d City Earn to die


However, proceedings don’t start off as smoothly as they should. After creating your own custom character, the title’s systems and features are gradually explained as the story takes its first steps. Being a traditional dungeon crawler at its core, the game’s complexity certainly warrants some kind of tutorial phase, but this initial section of your adventure lasts several hours, and really starts to seem like a slog – especially since your actions are severely limited in battle until your ragtag allies level up a few times.
Once you’re finally left to explore various dungeons at your leisure and progress the plot at your own pace, Stranger of Sword City thankfully starts to come into its own. As hinted, this isn’t a casual RPG – on the normal difficulty setting, combat can be rough if you enter a location underprepared or underlevelled, and allowing your party members to fall in battle has some pretty punishing consequences.


Speaking of which, your party is yours to customise, tweak, and develop as you see fit. You can create a balanced team of warriors, magic users, and ranged attackers, for example, or if you wanted, you could form a band of tanky dwarves and attempt to recreate The Hobbit. Having the ability to craft your own group of allies – all the way from giving them dumb nicknames to deciding their classes and statistics – is one of the game’s best features, as it gives you ample opportunity to put your own personal spin on this lengthy journey.
Watching your comrades grow, gaining new skills and spells as they level up, is a rewarding process, especially since dungeon delving can be risky business. As you unlock more abilities and gain access to better equipment, the release really opens up as an increasingly tactical affair. Depending on enemy formations and the type of foe that you’re up against, you’ll quickly start to form strategies for each battle, and the turn based combat system as a whole ends up having a satisfying amount of depth to it, even if it doesn’t necessarily do anything unique or particularly exciting.


Despite its slow start, Stranger in Sword City matures into a compelling dungeon crawling RPG that’s defined by its gritty atmosphere. Even though it doesn’t bring anything especially new to the genre in terms of gameplay, it’s a cohesive and well-crafted handheld experience, topped off with a setting that practically begs to be explored.