Trollface Quest 2

A new Flash game is available online and it is making people think outside the box. Yes, we are talking about the Trollface Quest, which is now at its second episode. Experience more embarrassing clicks, more creative thinking and more fun, when you manage to get it right from the first time.


If you don’t seem to get it right at all, here are the some tips for the second game in the series:
1. click on the keyhole of the cage in the middle, the bottom row
2. click on all the stars on the sign, then on the troll, to change his face
3. click on the troll’s eyes and shut them, and then click on the camera to take the picture
4. click on the troll to place him on the seat, then on the moon, when the cloud shows up, to make it go away
5. click on the bottom of the curtain to the right and then on the small knob which shows up
6. click on the bump near the chair leg to make the bird go away with the troll
7. click on the knobs on the sides of the machine, then on the moving part of the conveyor belt to save the bird


8. click on the moon, the frog and the bird, to make them “speak”, then click on the bait and see what you’ve got
9. drag down the troll
10. click on each card and match them all, then click the trollface card and on the troll’s face
11. click on the candy and it will fall in the troll’s mouth
12. click on the troll as soon as it shows up, to scary the iceberg
13. click on the black hole in the shark’s mouth, then click on the troll to reveal the bigger shark
14. click on the top of the digital clock two times
15. click on the thermometer and wait for the troll to return to its regular state, then click on the door to make him enter the house
16. click on the troll’s nostril
17. click and hold the troll inside the machine to make it stop
18. click on “manual” and then click on each bar until you get a winning combination
19. click on the glasses twice, then click on the bottle with the bird picture on it
20. click on the troll’s eyes to make him sympathetic and finish the challenge.


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