Bless the game online is super expensive investment in Korea, consuming up to 56 million dollars in 7 years of development. With stunning graphics platform based on the Unreal Engine 3, the design of buildings, structures, fortresses in the game are very realistic representations. World in the game is also built in an open way with huge positive side. According to interviews with the NPH Neowiz, the world in the next game … 177 Km2 wide, wide world of Azeroth in World of Warcraft. earn to die


A special highlight of Bless Online is the game mode into battle, where the Congress allowed states are free to occupy the land, named King in the game. Each owns 7 powers are separate stronghold, and will only 7 strongest possible guild master of this citadel. This can be considered as one of the most exciting parts of the game Bless Online, as on every week, the other guilds can challenge, allied together to retake the citadel challenge.


Bless focus heavily on PvP aspects (commonly known as Realm vs Realm), with two new classes, the battle will be very difficult now to predict and brought many new flavors for gamers to enjoy. The rewards for participating players as well as football single game team, the state tournament will be extremely valuable as well. League of Angels II




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