Cava Racing

Developed by Umber Games, carried on his Racing style Cava play completely unique and incredibly strange new without any titles previously thoroughly exploited. Forget the flashy race with the same massive graphics, and new cars, balls coming to Cava Racing, players will step into a different race along with his driver as a … the space shuttle. Earn to die

Cava Racing has a total of 3 spaceship to the player controls, each would be characteristic of speed and “borders”. The track in the game finishing only has 6 categories, but to drive the vehicle in a way mature on the well isn’t easy.

Control in the game is quite simple, only the right side of the station and up key down key to increase speed on the left screen, the player will have to tilt the machine to the right or left to drive the vehicle. Because the game has a panoramic view from the top down and the track will constantly rotate according to the angle of view of the player should be the initial driver will be slightly difficult, need through many stages then started to get used to.

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