The Abandoned

The Abandoned is a mobile game in the adventure genre, horror incorporated dramatic action gameplay challenges players with only a single play mode. Your only goal is to try to fight the harsh nature and demonstrate the skills exist of itself before this ensuing nightmare. Own design style Cel-Shading going in the direction of similar 3D series The Walking Dead should The Abandoned brings the Visual effects overcast and incredibly scary. earn to die

Start with The Abandoned, the player controls their character with 2 hands white, wander and get lost in a land of horror with all aggressive and scary creatures could not anticipate. From here, players will explore a large environment around to hunt and collect, from which survived the day. Besides, the more important thing is that gamers need to ensure life for themselves as well as the building of safe accommodation for themselves.

In addition to finding food and build their own hideout, players also need to upgrade your character by the way collect skill points and tooling to manufacture the widgets as well as activities to defend themselves before the threat is stalking around. The world in The Abandoned is very large so the player freedom to explore. Monster Hunter Online


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