Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the story of the character Carl “CJ” Johnson, one of the gang members Grove Streets, has now returned to the city of San Andreas after his mother’s murder case. He quickly involved in the gang war to protect the sovereignty of Grove Streets. earn to die

Grand-Theft-Auto-San Andreas

You can customize pretty much everything on the right people so that most CJ, from clothing to shape the outside. If for him regularly eat fast food, his body becomes a meaty, even if regularly go to the gym, he will own super standards body. The left side characters will gradually be introduced through the cutscenes when you do the task.

Grand-Theft-Auto-San Andreas-1

Upon entering the game, I guarantee you will have some shortfalls by the graphics of the game is exactly the 2004, almost what little no improvement at all. This will be deducted points for Grand Theft Auto is not small: San Andreas by this same time, blockbuster titles like The Woft Among Us or Oceanhorn was released with great graphics platform. The Abandoned


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