Stories in Badland 2 still takes place in a land filled with spooky dead. The task of the player is touch the screen to move a flying creature looks spiffy on the right side of the screen, just a few seconds delay is this creature might be stuck in a certain position the left side and the journey will end. Earn to die


Compared to the original, it in section 2 of this player can completely control himself other strange creatures flying in all directions the system new touch controls. Therefore, players only need to touch the screen as long as the creature will be able to fly higher and move more gently. In your game screen, you can mirror other bizarre creatures, make it larger or smaller and other transformed countless ways to suit each game screen.


The release adds that, Badland 2 also improved and integrated add some interesting features, such as support typically optimized for 3D capabilities on the iPhone touch and iPhone 6s Plus 6s. This brings great experience when controlled characters more precision when flying.There’s also additional factors other novelties in Badland 2 as the appearance of obstacles, equipped as liquids, flamethrowers, ice, lava, water and weak glimmer. In Part 2, image and game effects have been modified somewhat “delicious” than the original but still not too focused Frogmind or put heavy on graphics matter much.


Mode PvP in Badland 2 allows up to 4 people to play on one device with multiple monitors exciting challenge. This player mode of the game do not have any specific rules, the player’s mission was moved so that pushes the enemy into deadly traps in the game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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