Echo of Eternity

Echo of Eternity is a mobile game 3D MMORPG virtual ghost themes have been released by 9game. Games built a Western world view, graphic design style with diverse characters and system, putting the player explore rich gameplay and system interesting, make sure to experience on the mobile platform as a traditional PC. Earn to die

Advanced graphics with modern Japanese design-welding is a superior easy to see in this product compared to traditional Chinese products. With modern 3D technology, each model in the game are created very sharp, bright colors and brilliant relative, but not flashy red too much, rather it is the bright tones more pleasant, help players have good visual experience without being boring. The Western world view of the game was very vivid expression, beautiful, magnificent and mysterious thing how is hidden.

On the character designs, the game has put out 4 layers main occupation to players selected include Soldiers, Sending player, Magi, and pastor. Each occupation is representing a race with shaping the look good fighting skills, very characteristic. However to fit the guest mechanism according to the weekly, the game has put out more than 20 other hero to acquire players, each hero has a unique skill and occupation are different, discover the best of each hero brings the high combat effectiveness, and coordinate proper heroes will help players to conquer all difficulties. This can also be considered a point of storage top animal when Echo of Eternity

The game retains the essence of the genre point hit the traditional turn-based, but have the arranger necessary to suit the new trends of mobile gaming, popular offensive skills will also observe all the auto format is need to manually launch, making the process of fighting takes place quickly, more simple yet beautiful enough. Although fighting has a simple, but not easy to mature, by all observe of character oriented and caused enough effective forms such as cut, control, focus …, the decision to likely winning high. Besides that, the game has taken on similar elements system, allowing the player to arbitrarily change the 4 elemental form makes the combat experience become more attractive.

In addition to extra system a main plot, the games have brought out extra forms a challenging team nest requests, help high-social interaction between the community of players. In addition, the game features several gameplay content storage more interesting as building his own territory, Fortify defensive or attacking other players. In later stages, players can join the society and attend large scale activities, with friends around the hand built a strong community in the virtual world. BADLAND 2



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