Mechcom 2

Mechcom 2 puts players on a map of freedom, including the mining, construction, development and attack at the same time at the same time, Mechcom 2 under hand Game Dev Team expected to make up a whole new experience on the Mobile. Earn to die

Mechcom 2 take gamers to bring science fiction context somewhat slightly hướm StarCraft, where gamers will come to the planet carries the name Tiberius is rich in minerals. As owner of the rich resources that it become the battlefield of fighting between the Galactic venture-capital group is the organization that owns the power far beyond both Governments. Standing on the shoulder of a military commander for the group, will head the mission win Tiberius on his hands.

The style of gameplay Mechcom 2 go in the direction of a RTS title-Real-time Strategy, or real time strategy game. Beginning stages, you will be granted to those basic elements as the main house, a few essential works and on top of that is the exploitation of resources that we still often called the “farmer” is fun. The unit will be responsible for collecting minerals from all over the map, play the role of main resources to develop your works and future army. Echo of Eternity


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