Arena of Fate

As we all know, online game categories very attractive new MOBA is the Arena of Fate has officially opened extensively to test the ability of the server load from on May 31.
In fact, the Arena of Fate bring multiple characteristics quite similar to Legendary Union, when playing the map design, and especially the General design has many points of coincidence. Besides, the mechanism of control of the Arena of Fate with the third fixed angle from above also have many similarities. Earn to die

Arena of Fate
The matches in the Arena of Fate is still divided with map-5vs5 3 lane familiar. The lane has links with each other in between, besides the appearance that the destruction of the forest creeps, players will get more strength buff.
In the game, the player’s mission is still trying to last hit creeps, kill enemy generals, zapping Tower to earn Gold and especially up level, skill points. The end points helps players get creep more money than gold.

Arena of Fate-1
For example, typically, the player will get about 25-50 Gold for a creep but if not, they will still get about 5 Gold with each note creeps were destroyed on the side. A point deducted in the Arena of Fate is the match time limit in just 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if you have not been able to destroy the opponent’s main home to finish the match, then the results will be based on the ratio of the net and the Tower which they beat.Mechcom 2


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