Riders of Icarus

According to new information received, online game Dragon Ultra hot Riders of Icarus has officially entered the closed beta phase 3 times and also the last. This test batch is known will half to early July and officially open beta on November 6/7. Earn to die 5


Riders of Icarus was released as a free hour play, the gamers put money buy founder pack will get the relative advantage of beauty furniture as well as a number of powerful equipment.It is known that during this test, the Riders of Icarus will run in parallel on both the control mode non-target action and target usually, gamers can switch easily to fit each case as well as class I liked to play. Earn to die 6


Riders of Icarus is like a combination of riding Dragon, impressive role-playing, combat high paced, with the ability to customize the character downright liberal. The main task of the player is to go explore vast virtual world immensely and the search, collect wild animals with the intent to tame them, turning them into his riding animal with very special abilities.


In Riders of Icarus, gamers will go catch the legendary animal types capable of flying such as unicorns, winged horses, giant birds … and especially the ultra cool Dragon with the ability to fire beams, beams, sprays. The fight took place both on the ground and on the air, offering the utmost enjoyment for players.When a person has become tame legends, gamers will combine with the partner to progress to the more distant targets, engaging in the fight no mercy from heaven down on the ground, facing the giant boss has power … by the combined blow of special attack. Arena of Fate


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