Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the story of the character Carl “CJ” Johnson, one of the gang members Grove Streets, has now returned to the city of San Andreas after his mother’s murder case. He quickly involved in the gang war to protect the sovereignty of Grove Streets. earn to die

Grand-Theft-Auto-San Andreas

You can customize pretty much everything on the right people so that most CJ, from clothing to shape the outside. If for him regularly eat fast food, his body becomes a meaty, even if regularly go to the gym, he will own super standards body. The left side characters will gradually be introduced through the cutscenes when you do the task.

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Upon entering the game, I guarantee you will have some shortfalls by the graphics of the game is exactly the 2004, almost what little no improvement at all. This will be deducted points for Grand Theft Auto is not small: San Andreas by this same time, blockbuster titles like The Woft Among Us or Oceanhorn was released with great graphics platform. The Abandoned


The Abandoned

The Abandoned is a mobile game in the adventure genre, horror incorporated dramatic action gameplay challenges players with only a single play mode. Your only goal is to try to fight the harsh nature and demonstrate the skills exist of itself before this ensuing nightmare. Own design style Cel-Shading going in the direction of similar 3D series The Walking Dead should The Abandoned brings the Visual effects overcast and incredibly scary. earn to die

Start with The Abandoned, the player controls their character with 2 hands white, wander and get lost in a land of horror with all aggressive and scary creatures could not anticipate. From here, players will explore a large environment around to hunt and collect, from which survived the day. Besides, the more important thing is that gamers need to ensure life for themselves as well as the building of safe accommodation for themselves.

In addition to finding food and build their own hideout, players also need to upgrade your character by the way collect skill points and tooling to manufacture the widgets as well as activities to defend themselves before the threat is stalking around. The world in The Abandoned is very large so the player freedom to explore. Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online is the online version of the game Monster Hunter did rain wind on consoles and are always evaluated in the online game “blockbuster” in the world. As we’ve reported, Monster Hunter Online is one of the hottest games online in Vietnam as well as the world, but large obstacles for Vietnamese gamers like to participate in this game is the language problem. However, today, a patch of this game has been launched, with most of the features and tasks have to be translation, much more accessible than the original Chinese. Earn to die 


But this English patch States not yet fully true, and many gamers at will to tinkering, especially in the English version of the patch that is not yet translated. And the good news is, on May 30, a group of gamers called Team Hunter’s Destiny will officially launch a complete English patch for one of the RPGs kill monsters for the 2016 Summer Games notable for this. This will be a good news for many gamers, those due to language barriers that can not enjoy this game.


In the meantime, if you still want to enjoy the Monster Hunter Online but can’t wait to be a patch English, can try a patch was released earlier.Monster Hunter Online is the online version of the game Monster Hunter did rain wind on consoles and are always evaluated in the online game “blockbuster” in the world.


The main gameplay content of Monster Hunter Online is still guaranteed to be unique and characteristic from the offline version ago, high challenges through each mission, along the construction of dozens of beautifully furnished. In the vast world of the game there are hundreds of types of monsters with a variety of shapes, types, each type has distinct characteristics about the possibility of attack, know, stealth, even swim and padded Turks under the ground, there are species where the jungle, have species alive beyond confusion.To hunt them, players will need the preparation of equipment and tactics, good team coordination, not able to plug the input that the guillotine was. On a raise the consciousness level of manipulation and ourselves is how to gamers become a skilled Hunter in the Monster Hunter Online. Speed Elixir

Speed Elixir

Recently, the online game open world racing extreme hot Elixir is Speed was introduced to gamers in the world community. This promises to be a blockbuster when the product is launched on the market in about December 2016. Earn to die

Like many other racing game Speed also owns Elixir graphics platform extremely impressive, gamers will experience the beautiful polished cars as real run on the immensely poetic. The excellent lighting effects, the impact phase authentically amazing thanks to the physical system to be handled well. And especially the weather effects such as rain, night and day … was shown as real.
One of the most attractive spots of the Elixir is a World Speed wide open where gamers can go to wherever I want to and take part in the competitions in which, rather than restricted any framework at all. Of course each location will have its own private racetrack characteristics and gamer is avoidable in each scenario.

In Speed to 15 Elixirs different game styles, offers a lot of interesting things for the players. Gamers can select a trend for their own as normal racing at high speed or perform professional Drift … In fact, these modes are quite easy to learn a song to mastering the gamer will have to spend a lot of time to practice. Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road

Disney is the latest title Road Crossy was developed by Disney and can be considered the “bring Disney characters through the game’s” sugar “put the chicken cross the road” famous Crossy Road. This is an action-adventure game immensely popular with more than 120 million downloads down to the present time by 3 talented programmer (studio Hispter Whale) creation in just 12 weeks. earn to die

Basically, the game requires the player to attempt to put the chicken crossing the road, avoiding the car is running and other obstacles. You can play continuously until the fall and the goal is to win the score as high as possible. Disney Crossy Road also based on gameplay, but there are little different. The world’s first game similar to the original version but all the context the rest were modified to fit the style and collection of legendary cartoon characters of Disney.Cava Racing


Cava Racing

Developed by Umber Games, carried on his Racing style Cava play completely unique and incredibly strange new without any titles previously thoroughly exploited. Forget the flashy race with the same massive graphics, and new cars, balls coming to Cava Racing, players will step into a different race along with his driver as a … the space shuttle. Earn to die

Cava Racing has a total of 3 spaceship to the player controls, each would be characteristic of speed and “borders”. The track in the game finishing only has 6 categories, but to drive the vehicle in a way mature on the well isn’t easy.

Control in the game is quite simple, only the right side of the station and up key down key to increase speed on the left screen, the player will have to tilt the machine to the right or left to drive the vehicle. Because the game has a panoramic view from the top down and the track will constantly rotate according to the angle of view of the player should be the initial driver will be slightly difficult, need through many stages then started to get used to.

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is one of the titles developed by Shu Takumi-the father of famous Ace Attorney series. This mobile game originally designed for Nintendo DS and released Japanese version on 19/06/2010 and the English Edition 11/01/2011. Earn to die


Join the game, the player assumes the role of a ghost Sissel. After the discovery of the body of myself is in there with a lot of mystery, he decided together his companion is also the only known witness of his death-detectives Lynne in journey search again body parts and raw gaming his death before the soul he vanish at dawn.


This is the category of the game that you just use to deduce judgements, just requires the precision of the time. 3D 2D platform game, so the game’s setting is very elaborate meticulously. What about Sonic thah, although not too special and the height but the background music in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has many different speeding, principally to bring still looks sad man marks of this title.

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