Champion Archer

Its the battle of the stick figures! Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have hundreds of stick figures fighting a battle to the death? Your dream just came true in this creatively fun archery game – Champion Archer.


Using your keyboard and mouse, navigate your hero and kill the enemy to win each battle and earn massive rewards.

  • Use A, S, D ,W to move your stick figure hero up, down, left and right
  • Using your mouse, hold and release the left mouse button to shoot your arrows


Objective and Storyline

This cute game comes packed with an interesting storyline. Legend has it that two massive colonies of stick figures have been fighting for ages, although neither side really knows or understands why anymore. Your hero is famous within your colony due to his superior intelligence and impressive use of a bow and arrow. Help your hero lead his army to a satisfying victory by killing the enemy stick figures, allowing your team to reach the far end of the battlefield first. The first team to reach the opposite end of the battlefield wins.

As you battle, you will earn stacks of cash by killing enemy soldiers. Keep in mind that head shots reward the most money, so aim well. At the end of each battle, you can use the money you have earned to purchase items in the game shop to help you further advance and improve your hero.

Cash Shop

At the end of each successful battle, the Cash Shop will open. From here, you can purchase a wide variety of power-ups to help you in future battles!

  • Damage increasing power-up
  • Power-up that increases your soldiers travel speed
  • An item that resists damage
  • Remove the power bar indicator
  • Double Shot power-up
  • Quick Shot power-up


Hacks and Cheats

Aiming in Champion Archer and landing accurate shots can be rather tricky for some players. Due to this, the money hack makes the game a lot easier and more enjoyable! Once the game has started, simply type in “givemethemoney” to instantly receive 100,000 coins! Use these coins to purchase the power-ups in the shop for near instant success!


For those of you who prefer not to use hacks and cheats, there are a few tips we can share with you to help you complete and win Champion Archer.

  1. Allow your army to march in front of you. This helps keep distance between you and the enemy, and gives you a little more time to prepare and aim your shots.
  2. Do not allow your army to kill the enemy soldiers. Doing so will leave you unrewarded!
  3. To kill the enemy, aim for their head. Head shots give better rewards and kills the enemy soldiers instantly.
  4. Save up your gold if possible. Try to make your first purchase the “Takes No Damage” power-up. Your second purchase should be either the Double Shot or Quick Shot power-ups.

Tactical Assassin 2

Flash games generally take a broad approach to genres. There are many out there and a lot of them are designed for different players, but the fact remains that they still try to take trends in their designs. Basically, when one flash game gets big enough, like Robot Unicorn Attack as one example, some developers follow suite and try to improve on an established formula. Tactical Assassin 2, is not of those games, and is instead remains a reminder that flash is also a diverse type of gaming. Sure, you can classify it as a shooter, but that wouldn’t adequately describe what the game offers.


The Review

This is one title that doesn’t subscribe to standard tropes in gaming. It does feature shooting and that’s just about it if you remove the other elements. However a core gameplay mechanic that plays to the limits of flash, is that all your hits have to be thought out. Targets aren’t explained obviously and often you’ll have to think outside the box to bring the enemy out in the open. That could include shooting out fuse-boxes, bottles, and even a tree in one mission. Basically, each of your targets has to be distinguished amongst a few commoners. To aid you in this, the game offers you a pre-mission briefing on what you should expect the target to act like, and where their haunts may be. This whole mechanic really puts the tactical back into the game, because you aren’t given clues during the mission. Unlike other more established titles, your hand isn’t held, but you won’t be lost in the dark either.


Graphically, once can expect that the limits of flash design will show in this game. Everything is in different shades of black, gray, and white. People are mostly distinguished as stick figures, and blood is kept at a minimal. You mostly see the world through the scope of your rifle. While the game isn’t of the highest quality when it comes to graphics, the tactics are really what make this game stand out among the rest.

Additionally, there is also an upgrade system, which is pretty standard in a lot of flash games. However, the difference is that you won’t be able to upgrade your skills. Instead, only your gear and your rifle are subject to change so all your money at the end of each level will spent on these weapons. This adds more feel to the game and it really helps with the atmosphere of the title. Just imagine picking the right gun and the perfect scope for the job. Probably the best part about this game is that there is also challenge in the rifle mechanics itself. You are limited by both ammo, your scope range, and on top of that, the rifle sways around as you are lining up a shot. That means you’ll have to time it just right; if you didn’t bring enough ammo and miss, you fail in your mission.


Should you Play it?

Yes, simply because Tactical Assassin offers something very new, while being focused about it. Other titles tend to introduce ideas along with a few bugs or weak presentation. This title perfects what is gunning for, and makes it fun along the way. It is short, but that is already a standard in flash titles.